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11,8,2012 Greetings And Welcome this web gallery titled "NC NEEDLE" showcasing two very small Nanomicroinfinity Jumbo Artworks which are microscopic sculptures, those tiny forms are in the eye of a No.13 Yarn sewing needle. The length of a No13 Yarn needle is 2"11/16 Inches with Blunt Point, this needle is mounted in a homemade Dome Magnifier the magnifier power of the small dome is 4x or 4 power, the 4x Dome isn't powerful enough to bring all the handcrafted superfine details into view, but the 4x Dome is able to bring into view a lot of the larger details. [Full Dimension's of the of the Dome Magnifier 3" Inches Tall : 2"1/2 Inches Wide : 3"3/16 at the Base, the "Information Picture A1" posted in this Fineartamerica web gallery showcasing those details with more info concerning the subject of how small this homemade Dome Magnifier is in true form.] Nanomicroinfinity Art is invented by Phillip H George, Nanomicroinfinity Jumbo Art are created on larger microscopic scale one reason for that is parts of those artworks can be viewed with a handheld magnifying glass, my artworks are created with a 90x power microscope and homemade microscopic tools. The artwork in this needle eye can cataloged as Americana Microscopic Art, Americana Micro Art, Microscopic Folk Art and Micro Folk Art, all the names associated with Nanomicroinfinity Artworks have webpages, those can be Googled, even my invented name title, "Microscopist Artist & Journeyman Alchemist Phillip H George" has webpages, these tiny art forms are genuine. Phillip H George would like to submit this Needle titled, "NC NEEDLE" as a donation to the NCMA Juries for inclusion to the annual "Art of the Auction" 2013 event benefiting the North Carolina Museum Foundation, I would be deeply honored, Thank-you! { "At time this gallery is password protected, "Everyone Is Very Welcomed," and if the NCMA accept this donation my future plans are to add more informations onto the Info Photos, also the Info written within this gallery will undergo some changes. On the other-hand if the NCMA de-climes my donation all wordings associated with the NCMA on these Info Pictures and NC NEEDLE Gallery will be removed, this gallery & a few emails to the NCMA is the only place on the www where this Artwork is posted by me with the NCMA name, hoping for the best!} I've found that working as a Microscopist Artist is one of the strangest art forms there-are and not many people are able to create works of art on these small scales, within five years of I've developed many needed skills to do so, one day I would enjoy teaching my skills to persons who have the passion to become an artist creating some of the worlds smallest art forms. "Among the many things I've found on the www there's somewhere around 14 Microscopist Artist in the world, as in all things some Micro Artist Works are better then others and none of those Micro Artist are women, that's strange to me!" If you would like to know more about Micro Art Google; "Microscopic Art In The Eye Of A Needle," there you will find informations about these tiny art forms being created in the world today, Thank-you! Best Regards, Microscopist Artist & Journeyman Alchemist Phillip H George

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